About Me

I am a mumma bear to 2 beautiful girls Harper + Ayla. So on any given day I am a cuddle monster, a top negotiator, a referee, a cook, a cleaner, a DRIVER, an art critic, a builder of barbie houses, a healer, and always EVERYDAY a super proud mumma. 

I live in yoga pants that go everywhere in them except an actual yoga class, and a topknot is my hairstyle of choice

I love all things chocolate

I have created a thriving business surrounded by a tribe of amazing like minded individuals. 

I believe that one day there will be doTERRA essential oils in every home and feel privileged to be a part of that and grateful that is a future I am creating for my girls 

I have a love-love relationship with karaoke 

I am an absolute book nerd and could curl up and read for days. And when I finish a book I will often find myself thinking “I wonder what *insert characters name* is doing now”. Tragic I know 

I have a super potty mouth so if F bombs offend you, you are in the wrong place! 

Parallel parking is NOT my zone of genius 

I’ve been doing this badboy called LIFE with my best friend for nearly 20 years and married for 6. We have travelled the world together but our favourite place is chilling on the couch with the kids wedged in between us watching Trolls on REPEAT!

My Essential Oil Story

It begins with a mum simply looking for help to get her daughter to sleep better. 

I was a FIFO (fly in fly out) wife, meaning my husband would be away at work for four weeks and then home for one. Without family living close by, to say that my sleep was paramount for us surviving was an understatement.  I had been extremely lucky with my daughter in the fact that she was very healthy and I hadn’t experienced a lot of the common issues like colic, reflux, constant ear infections, chest infections etc that my mothers group had. It was teething that hit my little one quite hard and she would become extremely restless at night and FEED FOR HOURS. The lack of sleep was really taking its toll on me. 

doTERRA was starting to feature in my Facebook newsfeed more and more and I never bothered to take any of it in, dismissing it as “hippy bullshit”, and the the fact it was a network marketing company just sealed the deal for this sceptic that they were nothing more than a gimmick lol. It pains me now that I wasted 8 months thinking like that. EIGHT months I could’ve had these amazing life-changing oils in my life but I resisted. 

So like many others, it was another 3am wake up call and I was at my wits end. I reached out to the only friend I knew sharing the oils and within 5 days I had received the top 10 oils and my diffuser. A few drops of Lavender in it at bedtime and we both slept through the night for the first time in 17 months. 

Have you ever had those moments when you didn’t realise WHAT you were missing until you got it. I never realised just how much of an impact the lack of sleep was having on me. How the sheer exhaustion daily was affecting our happy home. How much we BOTH were needing this and how enormous that one improvement was.

To put it simply… from that night on, I never looked back. 

Becoming an Essential Oil addict is the easy part. Every day I was implementing these oils more and more into my life and seeing the results. I would receive my monthly order and already be planning what I would get the next month. The sleep was just the first of SO many benefits the oils bought into our home. 

Motherhood changed me on a deeper level than I could ever have imagined. This small, beautiful, perfect human was both an honour and an enormous responsibility. My instincts kicked in and I just knew I had to do whatever felt right for my child, but in that desire to be the best mother I could, I ultimately forgot about myself. I never realised how much I had put myself last when I completely immersed myself in my new role as MUM. 

While the love for the oils was immediate – the exploration of the business opportunity was a much slower, albeit inevitable path that I naturally embarked on.


Have you ever felt the pull of something so strong that you know you are meant to do it, but the HOW has you stumped? HOW is sharing something I love so much really be a “viable career path”? I look back at myself, 6 months pregnant holding my first Essential Oils class and marking that as the “first day” of my doTERRA business. However, the truth is it all started nearly a year earlier in Sept 2015 after that first night with my homegirl Lavender. 

The oils continued to show me little signs that this was for me way back then. Returning to work in a toxic environment that was not “mum friendly” and asking myself “is this really worth the time away from my daughter?’, there must be a better way. The inability to refrain from sharing these oils with anyone and everyone I met because I truly believe that EVERYONE needs to experience them. That feeling of being “proactive” instead of constantly “reacting” to the every day things that came up in our house.  

It’s crazy to think it hasn’t even been 2 years since I SAID YES to the business opportunity in doTERRA. I can honestly say it has given me so much more than I ever envisioned. And the amazing & exciting thing is – we are only just beginning. In less than 2 years;

  • I am a doTERRA Diamond Leader with a rapidly growing business and over 1500 homes blessed with oils
  • My hubby has been able to leave his FIFO job after 7 years and return home to spend everyday with his girls
  • I was able to build this business from the comfort of my home, all on my own schedule! Which even included tandem feeding my 2 girls for the first year of my business. All I needed was my iPhone and the desire to succeed
  • I was lucky enough to travel to Nepal on a doTERRA expedition to see how these oils that have had such a positive affect on my family, are also positively impacting the communities we source from
  • Have cultivated a team culture I adore with a group of like minded homies I now get to hang out with on the daily. The community in this business is something I have never experienced and I am grateful for it every day
  • This tired mumma now has her mojo back and a passion to set this world on fire with these amazing gifts of the earth

Are you ready to say YES

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