Green Clean Week – 7 days to low-tox your home

Green Cleaning Week

Low-tox your home with doTERRA Essential Oils

Overhauling my cleaning products was the very first change I made in my low-tox journey. As a new mum I struggled to fit cleaning into my schedule and often found I had to do so many things away from my newborn. 

I wouldn’t use the shower descaler around her, or use bleach. I wasn’t comfortable cleaning the oven or using spray & wipe on her high chair when I knew she would often eat right off it. That set of the alarm bells for me! If I didn’t want my daughter eating food that may have spray & wipe on it or breathing in the fumes from the bleach or de-scaler, then why was I using them at all? 

To a sleep deprived new mum, the thought of overhauling my entire cleaning cabinet felt a bit daunting AND expensive!! 

However, I’m so grateful I questioned it, as it has led me down this path of finding natural & effective cleaning solutions!Thank you doTERRA Essential Oils!  There’s also the added bonus that is has not only been EXTREMELY simple, but also much much cheaper! 

So – if you have been wanting to simplify & low-tox your cleaning products, then join me and our Almost Hippy Oily Community for a week of GREEN CLEANING in our members only VIP Facebook Group! 

What to Expect

We have created an eBook with all the information you will need. This is available to everyone in our community page. The eBook includes a shopping list so you will have ample time to prep yourself. It includes all of the doTERRA Essential Oils we will be using and other ingredients you will need like vinegar, bi-carb soda & castille soap + a few glass bottles (that you will use OVER and OVER again!)

Each day you will have a LIVE online DIY demonstration and Q&A time. There will also be a daily giveaway you can enter by sharing pics of your DIY goodies you are making along with us at home!   








The recipes are simple, easy, cost-effective & surprisingly FUN to make! Sound good? Check out below how you can join in this event and our upcoming Gut Cleanse in November! 


How to Join Us

To participate in this week long event, all you need to do is purchase your doTERRA starter pack before September 10th so that it arrives in time! However, if you join before the end of August then you can split your purchases over 2 months AND receive a FREE pack of doTERRAs #1 selling product – the LIFELONG VITALITY SUPPLEMENTS ($158 AUD retail) which are an integral part of the Gut Cleanse event we are running in November! 


Click image to purchase this kit
Click Image to purchase this kit

You can click HERE to purchase your starter kit any time before we begin on September 17th – but by ordering in August you can get the most bang for your buck and take advantage of doTERRAs generous free oil program!! 

I suggest starting with one of the top 10 oils kits. To make it super simple you can choose the big bottles (15ml – approx 250 drops) or the little bottles (5ml – approx 80 drops). Both kits will provide all the essential oils to make most of the recipes provided. You can see from the prices that the Home Essentials kit is the most cost effective as it gives you THREE times the oil for twice the price plus a free diffuser so you can replace your toxic air fresheners IMMEDIATELY! 

If you would like to make ALL recipes provided in the free cleaning eBOOK then I suggest once you order you also set up Septembers order for the oils below (processing before the 12th so you have enough time to get your oils before we kick off on the 17th!!)

If you choose to do this you will also receive doTERRA’s number ONE selling product – the LIFELONG VITALITY SUPPLEMENTS FREE! #winning!




You are now a part of the Almost Hippy Oily Community! Click HERE to find out about some of the team perks that come with joining our amazing tribe! It’s so much more than oils!

Still not sure about what to order? Click HERE to learn about ALL of doTERRA’s starter packs and step by step instructions on how to order 


  1. Simply go to my website
  2. Click Join and Save
  3. Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
  4. Click ‘Local.’
  5. Make sure the option “Wholesale Customer” is selected. Not Wellness Advocate unless you’d like to earn commissions and introduce others to doterra. 
  6. At *Enroller id*, enter the doTERRA member ID provided to you from my team 
  7. Then click verify. This will bring up my team members name so you can confirm it is correct
  8. Set yourself up with a password
  9. Click over to the next page
  10. Then choose one of the kits as your first product and the $35 AUD/ $40 NZD membership fee will be waived.
  11. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

Simple & Easy uses for our Peppermint + Lavender + Lemon doTERRA Intro Kit

Simple & Easy Uses
for doTERRA Intro trio Kit

I truly believe that E V E R Y person benefits from having doTERRA essential oils in their home. But I also completely understand the overwhelm! As these oils really do, D O   S O   M U C H. So I wanted to break down how I incorporate 3 of the most versatile oils and just how easy it is. 

These 3 oils – lavender, peppermint, and lemon in the Intro Kit are a perfect place to start your Essential Oils journey. To low tox your cleaning regime, overhaul your first aid kit and uplevel your self care. 

I choose doTERRA Essential Oils due to their PURITY + POTENCY + SOURCING METHODS. If you want to know more about why I choose doTERRA then check out to learn more about their stringent testing methods and sustainable sourcing.




Known as the Swiss Army Knife of oils due to its versatility – Lavender is my go to bottle for all things C A L M I N G  &  S O O T H I N G. 

Think skin + sleep + emotions. 

Try out some of my favourite uses below.

+ 1-2 drops of lavender on your pillow or in your difuser before bed for a more restful sleep

+ 1 drop in a tsp of carrier oil & aid relaxation with massage into your little ones feet before bed

+ Add 1-2 drops mixed with a tsp of carrier oil to your bath for a perfect wind down after a stressful day

+ Soothe your skin after too much sun by adding a few drops in a spray bottle of water & apply liberally

+ Ease the itch of insect bites & stings with a drop on the skin

+ Turn your homemade playdough into an aromatherapy experience for the kids by adding a drop of lavender

+ Apply a drop to your wrists & neck to help with anxious feelings

+ Low-tox your nappy bag with DIY baby wipes using Lavender + Tea Tree


Lemon oil or S U N S H I N E in a bottle as I like to call it, is my first choice for all things CLEANSING & UPLIFTING 

+ Add 1-2 drops to your difuser first thing in the morning to help promote increased focus & lift your mood

+ Sticky labels are no match for lemon oil! Perfect for removing from glass jars so you can re-purpose, or any misplaced artistic sticker displays from the little ones!

+ And also budding artists who may choose to create misplaced masterpieces all over the walls. 1-2 drops of lemon oil with a little bit of elbow grease and VOILA!

+ A powerful deodoriser. Create a low-tox carpet shake & vac with 3-4 drops in a cup of baking soda. Sprinkle over carpet and then vacuum

+ With amazing cleansing & disinfectant properties. DIY all-purpose surface spray with 3-4 drops in a spray bottle with water. Simply shake, spray, and wipe. Smells great and super effective too!

+ Wonderful for anxious feelings, simply diffuse a few drops with peppermint to promote a more stable & uplifting mood.

+ Add 1-2 drops to a sink of water to give your fruit a soak to help remove some of the surface sprays & pesticides used



Ultimate mumma must have! My favourite mid afternoon P I C K me up!

+ Need an energy boost before the gym? A drop in your palms, rub together and cup over your nose (NOT eyes! Peppermint will sting!) A natural pre-workout boost.

+ For head and neck tension, 5 drops in a 10ml roller topped up with carrier oil. Apply to your temples & back of neck

+ Add 5-10 drops to a spray bottle with water & spritz yourself during the warm summer days. Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling hit!

+ Pair with any citrus oil and add to the difuser to help you focus

+ Food additive with a punch! Add amazing minty flavour to bliss balls, brownies, hot chocolate… the list goes on

Tummy discomforttry rubbing 1 drop peppermint + 1 drop lavender oil with a carrier oil* onto the tummy area to help ease the discomfort. Great when travelling, on roller-coasters, or when you’ve eaten just a bit too much!

+ Ants HATE peppermint! Apply drops of peppermint to a cloth and wipe down any areas affected by ants and watch them flee

How to GET STARTED with the Introductory Kit

For $61.50 (AUD) + shipping you can receive the Introductory Kit:

  • 5ml Lavender
  • 5ml Peppermint
  • 5ml Lemon
  • Wholesale membership with multiple benefits detailed below

It’s super easy to order just click HERE, click ‘Join & Save’ in the top menu, and follow the prompts to set up your wholesale account.

A couple of pointers:

In case you’re wondering, joining as a member does NOT require any forced monthly ordering or requirement to sell doTERRA in order to take advantage of the amazing wholesale account benefits.

  • Make sure to order the ‘Introductory Packet’ (note, this does NOT contain any oils) for $35aud/$40nzd which sets up your account, so you have 25%off this, and any future orders.
  • Type into the cart where it says additional items or product name ‘Intro Kit’ and you will be able to order this for the wholesale price of $26.50.
  • And of course, if you fancy any of the other kits or oils, you can simply choose them instead.

When you enrol with me you have access the incredible support of our Almost Hippy Tribe all over NZ/Aus/UK. Even though we all have different lifestyles and goals, we all share a common goal of incorporating a more natural & holistic approach in our lives.

Once you begin your journey with us, you’ll also access our amazing support systems we will welcome you with resources to ensure you get the most value from your oils:

  • A welcome gift pack from me with a starter guide & accessories to get you started, and keep an eye out for an email from me!
  • 25% off all product with the opportunity to get up to an additional 30% back in product points through our amazing free oils program
  • Access to member only promotions
  • A one hour one-on-one consultation to introduce you to your oils and assist you in getting the most value out of your membership
  • Access to our private members group
  • Online account to manage orders
  • Resources to get you started with your oil journey, including online classes, recipes and tips so you know exactly how to use these oils to benefit your health and wellness

It’s time to get out of your own fucking way

Lessons from Nepal


There are certain times in our lives when we experience something so profound that we know we will never be the same again. Since joining doTERRA I have had a few of these moments, but nothing has ever compared to my recent trip to Nepal.

I always KNEW I was making one of the best decisions of my life when I decided to go “ALL IN” with doTERRA and take on the privilege of doing it as a business, but a lot of this was on faith. I KNEW that these oils were having such a positive affect on my family. I was seeing it before my very own (sceptic) eyes everyday. I KNEW that people needed these oils but I also knew I was holding back. When I ever faced negativity I just walked away. I couldn’t be bothered “convincing” someone that they needed these oils, even though I TRULY believe that every home needs them.

But I felt like Nepal just bought everything into laser focus for me. I felt like Biggie says “if you dont know, now you know”.

To see and use and love these oils from the comfort of my own home was one thing. To read about the amazing initiatives our company has is both amazing and inspiring. But the BE THERE! Omg to BE THERE is a whole different story. To see a grown man break down and cry to you in gratitude for all that you do for his country just by sharing and using these oils. Talk about humbling. Talk about life changing. Talk about GETTING OUT OF MY OWN FUCKING WAY. How dare I not share these oils with EVERYONE. How dare I take the gratitude this man is showering on me and let my ego get in the way. Who am I to do that?

Nepal was an amazing experience and if you ever get the chance to go on a doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing trip then you MUST. Today’s world can really get me down sometimes. The ENORMITY of the mess we have created can feel just too much and often leave me wondering if I can ever make a difference.

Nepal has shown me just how much of a difference I can and I AM making.

I actually started this blog post with no real idea what I was going to write lol. This will be the first of many posts about Nepal but it seems I needed to share these musings with you NOW! If you are using doTERRA oils, sharing the oils with friends or partnering with doTERRA to build a business then I want to pass on the thank yous, all the way from Nepal!

Namaste xx

Watch the video below to learn more about doTERRAs co-impact sourcing of Wintergreen Oil in Nepal