Simple & Easy uses for our Peppermint + Lavender + Lemon doTERRA Intro Kit

Simple & Easy Uses
for doTERRA Intro trio Kit

I truly believe that E V E R Y person benefits from having doTERRA essential oils in their home. But I also completely understand the overwhelm! As these oils really do, D O   S O   M U C H. So I wanted to break down how I incorporate 3 of the most versatile oils and just how easy it is. 

These 3 oils – lavender, peppermint, and lemon in the Intro Kit are a perfect place to start your Essential Oils journey. To low tox your cleaning regime, overhaul your first aid kit and uplevel your self care. 

I choose doTERRA Essential Oils due to their PURITY + POTENCY + SOURCING METHODS. If you want to know more about why I choose doTERRA then check out to learn more about their stringent testing methods and sustainable sourcing.




Known as the Swiss Army Knife of oils due to its versatility – Lavender is my go to bottle for all things C A L M I N G  &  S O O T H I N G. 

Think skin + sleep + emotions. 

Try out some of my favourite uses below.

+ 1-2 drops of lavender on your pillow or in your difuser before bed for a more restful sleep

+ 1 drop in a tsp of carrier oil & aid relaxation with massage into your little ones feet before bed

+ Add 1-2 drops mixed with a tsp of carrier oil to your bath for a perfect wind down after a stressful day

+ Soothe your skin after too much sun by adding a few drops in a spray bottle of water & apply liberally

+ Ease the itch of insect bites & stings with a drop on the skin

+ Turn your homemade playdough into an aromatherapy experience for the kids by adding a drop of lavender

+ Apply a drop to your wrists & neck to help with anxious feelings

+ Low-tox your nappy bag with DIY baby wipes using Lavender + Tea Tree


Lemon oil or S U N S H I N E in a bottle as I like to call it, is my first choice for all things CLEANSING & UPLIFTING 

+ Add 1-2 drops to your difuser first thing in the morning to help promote increased focus & lift your mood

+ Sticky labels are no match for lemon oil! Perfect for removing from glass jars so you can re-purpose, or any misplaced artistic sticker displays from the little ones!

+ And also budding artists who may choose to create misplaced masterpieces all over the walls. 1-2 drops of lemon oil with a little bit of elbow grease and VOILA!

+ A powerful deodoriser. Create a low-tox carpet shake & vac with 3-4 drops in a cup of baking soda. Sprinkle over carpet and then vacuum

+ With amazing cleansing & disinfectant properties. DIY all-purpose surface spray with 3-4 drops in a spray bottle with water. Simply shake, spray, and wipe. Smells great and super effective too!

+ Wonderful for anxious feelings, simply diffuse a few drops with peppermint to promote a more stable & uplifting mood.

+ Add 1-2 drops to a sink of water to give your fruit a soak to help remove some of the surface sprays & pesticides used



Ultimate mumma must have! My favourite mid afternoon P I C K me up!

+ Need an energy boost before the gym? A drop in your palms, rub together and cup over your nose (NOT eyes! Peppermint will sting!) A natural pre-workout boost.

+ For head and neck tension, 5 drops in a 10ml roller topped up with carrier oil. Apply to your temples & back of neck

+ Add 5-10 drops to a spray bottle with water & spritz yourself during the warm summer days. Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling hit!

+ Pair with any citrus oil and add to the difuser to help you focus

+ Food additive with a punch! Add amazing minty flavour to bliss balls, brownies, hot chocolate… the list goes on

Tummy discomforttry rubbing 1 drop peppermint + 1 drop lavender oil with a carrier oil* onto the tummy area to help ease the discomfort. Great when travelling, on roller-coasters, or when you’ve eaten just a bit too much!

+ Ants HATE peppermint! Apply drops of peppermint to a cloth and wipe down any areas affected by ants and watch them flee

How to GET STARTED with the Introductory Kit

For $61.50 (AUD) + shipping you can receive the Introductory Kit:

  • 5ml Lavender
  • 5ml Peppermint
  • 5ml Lemon
  • Wholesale membership with multiple benefits detailed below

It’s super easy to order just click HERE, click ‘Join & Save’ in the top menu, and follow the prompts to set up your wholesale account.

A couple of pointers:

In case you’re wondering, joining as a member does NOT require any forced monthly ordering or requirement to sell doTERRA in order to take advantage of the amazing wholesale account benefits.

  • Make sure to order the ‘Introductory Packet’ (note, this does NOT contain any oils) for $35aud/$40nzd which sets up your account, so you have 25%off this, and any future orders.
  • Type into the cart where it says additional items or product name ‘Intro Kit’ and you will be able to order this for the wholesale price of $26.50.
  • And of course, if you fancy any of the other kits or oils, you can simply choose them instead.

When you enrol with me you have access the incredible support of our Almost Hippy Tribe all over NZ/Aus/UK. Even though we all have different lifestyles and goals, we all share a common goal of incorporating a more natural & holistic approach in our lives.

Once you begin your journey with us, you’ll also access our amazing support systems we will welcome you with resources to ensure you get the most value from your oils:

  • A welcome gift pack from me with a starter guide & accessories to get you started, and keep an eye out for an email from me!
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