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So now it’s the fun part! Time to get some oils! 

But you may be having that niggling concern about “how will I know how to use them?” or “how will I remember what oil does what?”. I wondered the exact same when I first bought my oils! Luckily for us – doTERRA thought of that when they chose this direct selling model! 

They say it takes a village to raise a baby, yet the doctor just hands you this small human and sends you on your way! With doTERRA, as soon as you purchase your oils you are automatically added to a village with similar interests and goals.

Over the last few years I have been sharing these oils, the Almost Hippy Oily Community has grown and flourished. With nearly 2000 customers worldwide we have created an epic high vibe group who love to share all their oily tips and tricks! 

What others say

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When you enroll with me and open your wholesale account, not only do you get support from me but you are plugged in to this amazing & supportive community we have created

You will receive

A welcome email from me with all the important contact details, how to access your doTERRA account online, safety info and a 14 page “GET STARTED eBOOK” packed with info to kickstart your oil journey

A little gift in the mail from me with some accessories and additional info to start using your oils immediately

Free access to the Online Essential Oils App DROPLII 

Access to our private VIP Almost Hippy Oily Community FB group

Be able to participate in our monthly challenges. September we have a GREEN CLEAN WEEK challenge happening and October/November we are doing a team wide GUT CLEANSE

Weekly educational videos in our facebook group & oil spotlights

Basically – info overload that you will never not know how to use these amazing oils xx