The most common question I get from people who want to purchase their first essential oils is “where do I start?”. Don’t worry, doTERRA have carefully selected the  most versatile top ten oils and created starter kits aptly named the HOME ESSENTIALS KIT (15ml bottles) or the FAMILY ESSENTIALS KIT (5ml bottles). 

To give you an idea of their amazing capabilities I have created this simple + sweet guide below so you can get to know doTERRA’s top 10 essential oils and only a FEW of the ways I like to use them. 

 I truly believe that doTERRA Essential Oils are needed in every home and these 10 are a perfect introduction!


Think cooling / invigorating / pick me up

  The Oil of Buoyant Heart

//Rub onto temples to ease a head tension

//Inhale straight from the bottle before a  workout for endurance
// Rub clockwise onto the belly with fractionated coconut oil to ease an upset, bloated or sluggish tummy
// Make a cooling spray by combining with water + lavender for sunburnt skin
// Add to chocolate, chocolate cake, bliss balls or slice for a choc-mint taste explosion
// Diffuse at work to support increased concentration and motivation
// Place 1 drop in the palm of my hand, rub together and cup over nose while inhaling deeply for an afternoon pickup instead of that extra cup of coffee
// Add to a spritzer and spray to deter ants + spiders
// Diffuse in car to stay alert and settle tummies on windy roads


This is your oil for all things calming + soothing. Think skin / sleep / emotions

The Oil of Communication

// Diffuse at night for a more restful sleep
// Massage into my little one’s feet before bed
// Add to a relaxing bedtime bath 

// Soothe my families sunburn by adding to aloe vera gel
// Support burns by applying over affected area

 // Speed healing for bruises
// Stop itching for mozzie bite + ant + other bites
// Pop a few drops on a tissue and tuck under my or the kids pillow before they nod off to sleep
// Add 1 drop to my facial serum or moisturiser for enhanced skin hydrating and soothing properties
// Diffuse during sickness to support against a persistent cough
// Add a drop to icing, scones or lemonade
// Apply diluted after waxing to soothe the area


Think skin / emotions / cellular / balance / brain. If in doubt, get Frank out

The Oil of Truth

// Enhance the benefits of any oil by layering Frankincense first
// Diffuse during sickness for respiratory support (expectorant)

// Put a drop on my thumb and press into the roof of my mouth. Frank is one of the few oils that crosses the blood brain barrier and helps with memory loss, focus, concentration, irregular growth on the brain and irregular patterns that stimulate the brain
// Diffuse to let go of lower vibrations and negative energies
// Take 1 drop under my tongue daily for cellular health and anti-oxidant benefits
// Add to my moisturiser or face serum (I like to use Hemp Seed oil) to support optimum elasticity, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and pigmentation
// Apply in a high concentration on new scars once wound has closed to aid in prevention of scar tissue and regeneration of healthy cells
// Add 2 drops to the diffuser with 2 drops Lavender for a restful nights sleep

Tea Tree

Think cleansing / purifying / first aid

The Oil of Energetic Boundaries

// Add a drop on pimples + skin break outs
// Add 5 drops to a spritzer with aloe gel for a hand sanitizer
// Add 3 drops to my mop bucket for an amazing clean + delicious smell
// Diffuse to purify the air during sickness and kill airborne pathogens
// Make a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil with tea tree +  lavender and carry throughout the day to roll on cuts, bites and stings. 
// Add 10 drops tea tree + 5 drops lavender to a spritzer with water and a squirt of my favourite conditioner for a anti-nit and detangling spray
// Dilute and apply to the back of the neck for energetic protection from negative influences
// Support burns by applying diluted 2-3 times per day in combination with lavender + frankincense
// For ear problems, I add a few drops to a cotton ball and hold over ear hole for a min then rub around ear
// Add 5-6 drops to a laundry load to during a gastro outbreak
// Mix up a foot rub with coconut oil to combat fungal infections


This is your go to oil for everything fungal, bacterial and out of balance and a super boost to your wellness. Think skin / cellular / wellness.

The Oil of Humility & Nonattachment

// Dilute and apply to the bottom of the feet for amazing wellness boosting properties
// Blend with Lemon, Peppermint, On Guard, and Frankincense & dilute with fractionated coconut oil and apply during times you feel unwell  
// Massage into the back of the neck (heavily diluted) before meditation to help release the ego
// Use to remove plantar warts or skin tags 
// Add 1 drop to tomato recipes that call for oregano. 1 drop oregano = 1 Tbsp dried herbs
// Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and roll onto anything fungal, cracked heels, ringworm, persistent eczema and athlete’s foot or nail rot.
// I like to dilute with a carrier oil and massage into aching joints and muscles 


Think cleansing / uplifting / degreasing ninja

The Oil of Focus

// Diffuse to promote optimistic feelings
// I like to pimp my food with a few drops (great in guacuamole and hummus) 
// Combine with white vinegar for a mirror and glass cleaner
// Add 1 drop to 1 tbsp coconut oil for oil pulling in the morning (helps cleanse and whiten teeth)
// Add a few drops with olive oil for a great furniture polish
//  Use as a natural sticker & pen remover
// Diffuse in the kitchen after cooking anything smelly to eliminate odours
// I like to add 1 drop to my glass/stainless steel water bottle (naturally cleanses the body, aids in digestion & is alkalising and detoxifying). This is not the same as squeezing lemon juice, so won’t damage the enamel on your teeth and costs a whole lot less. 
// Add 1 drop to a damp cloth for cleaning stainless steel
// Fill your kitchen sink, add 4-6 drops of lemon essential oil, soak fruit and veggies to remove unwanted residue before storing
// Add 2 drops + 1 drop On Guard + tsp raw honey to warm water for a soothing tea when feeling under the weather

Ice Blue

Think muscle aches + pains / joint pain + cramping

The Oil of Surrendering Pain

// Apply before exercise to help with muscle soreness and help recovery  
// Great to use diluted for kids + growing pains
// Pair with Clary Calm for amazing relief during that time of the month
// Help muscles recover after intense exercise by diluting and massaging into area directly

// Apply before bed to help relax tight and sore muscles and aid in a relaxing sleep 

//Dilute with fractionated coconut oil and take to massage appointments to amp up my deep tissue massage

Easy Air

Think clear airways / fresh / energetic

The Oil of Surrendering Breath

// Diffuse during sickness to support easier breathing and open airways
// Apply to bridge of nose and around nostrils if stuffed up and congested or you need respiratory support
// Diffuse for a refreshing and clean aroma
// Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and roll onto chest, soles of feet and down spine to open your airways
// Diffuse at night to support against snoring + respiratory issues 
// Dilute and apply to bridge of nose and chest to support seasonal allergies
// Place a drop in the corner of a warm shower and inhale aroma to open airways during sickness or in the morning to awaken for the day ahead
// Apply before a hike, run, or yoga to open airways


Think digestion / tummy upsets / bloating. The oil that helps digest life experiences and emotions

The Oil of Digestion

// Diffuse during meal times to stimulate trigger the limbic system for optimal digestion
// Dilute as directed and rub onto bub’s belly, soles of feet and down spine to ease symptoms of colic and reflux
// Carry a sample vial with you when visiting friends or travelling and trying new foods to ease occasional tummy upsets
// Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and roll clockwise onto belly or the soles of the feet to ease stomach upsets, cramps and bloating. Use this same roller when seasonal threats are high, roll on bridge of nose and in belly button
// Apply diluted to belly, down spine and rub into soles of kiddies feet during gastro bug attacks
// Place a drop in the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale any time

On Guard

Think wellness / sickness support / cleaning

The Oil of Protection

// Diffuse during sickness to help eliminate airborne pathogens
// Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and swipe onto the soles of children’s feet or your feet before going out into the world
// Add a few drops to raw chocolate for an wellness boost
// Make a germ killing toilet spray by adding to an atomiser spray bottle with water
// Add 6 drops, 1 cup warm water, 2 Tbsp fractionated coconut oil to a container and add a roll of paper towels for natural baby wipes
// Massage (diluted) into glands during sickness
// Make a floor cleaner using On Guard, vinegar and castile soap
// Make your own green laundry liquid detergent using On Guard, coarse salt, castile soap and bicarb
// Make a surface spray by combining with water, vinegar and a squirt of natural dishwashing liquid
// Add 5 drops to a spritzer with aloe gel for a hand sanitiser
// Soak cut up apples in a bowl of water and a few drops of On Guard
// Soak toothbrushes in a few drops of On Guard and water weekly

3 ways to use your oils


Easiest way to use your oils.

// Inhale or use a diffuser

// Inhaling or diffusing oils has the power to affect your mood, therefore can be very stimulating, calming, or soothing

// Diffusing essential oils can also cleanse and purify the air and kill germs




// Dilute with carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil) to minimise skin sensitivity, increase surface area and reduce evaporation rates of the volatile essential oils

// Add one drop to a carrier oil or moisturiser 

// Add a drop or 2 to the bottom of your feet or specific areas

// Apply to feet, back of ears, chest and back of neck, massage head or troubled areas

Food Additive

// Add a drop or two to water or tea

// Use as directed on labels (not all oils can be ingested!!)

Buy the Top 10 Oils

The Enrolment Kits are the best value for money and best way to start with the oils as they give you a good range to start playing around with.


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